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India has the largest number of illiterate people in the world - around 268 million, a staggering 35% who cannot read or write. Less than half of India's children between the age of 6 and 14 go to school. One in every four girls in rural India drops out of school before reaching the eighth standard.

We believe good education is one that broadens horizons, creates choices for the child to achieve her/his dreams.


Empowering 2,700 schools with 2,00,000 students and 10,000 teachers creating a holistic transformation of the school via approximately 17 programmes


In joyful, empowering education focusing on enhanced livelihood, creating socially and environmentally conscious citizens who are catalysts for change


• Empowered institutions for complete school transformation - Leadership/Principal & Teacher training, Child Panchayats and Parent-Teacher Groups.

• We link our schools to government schemes, other schools, universities, NGOs and donors.


Anganwadi: To provide a good start to children’s education, Swades trains the Anganwadi workers to facilitative early childhood development and ensure that these children go on to class I. Each of the anganwadis will also be supported with Teaching Learning materials that will help the children to learn in a hands 'on manner. Further, Village level workers are trained on Home based care of 0 to 2.5 Years age group children & they in turn work on building capacity of expectant mothers & mothers of infant to ensure age appropriate development of child.

• We are working with 806 Anganwadis impacting over 27,000 children, we plan to work with a total of 1,104 Anganwadis in the next 3 years

Principal & Teacher Training Program: Successful delivery of education is largely dependent on the principals & teachers, we carry out successful programs through various techniques like classroom management, positive disciplining, administrative trainings, computer skill training, multiple intelligence and more.

• We have trained 6175 teachers & principals till date impacting >123,000 students, we will train a total of 12,500 principals & teachers impacting approximate 2,00,000 students in the next 3 years.

Leadership Training: Empowering school leaders through administrative trainings, computer skill training amongst others to be able to lead by example.

• We have trained 1,148 school principals till date, we plan to train a total of 2,700 principals in the next 3 years

Skill Enhancement for Students: Computer literacy and English literacy, linkages to higher education and career counselling

• We have reached out to 1,23,987 students till date (Anganwadis to junior college) , we plan to reach out to a total of 2,00,000 students in the next 3 years

• Career counselling has been provided to 46,112 students to set them off on a fruitful career path, we plan to reach out to a total of 1,00,919 students in the next 3 years

Scholarships: To continue their education journey and ensure a good career, Swades is providing mass, merit and excellence scholarships to 10th std., junior college and degree college students respectively.

• Swades has given 146 Excellence scholarships to students for professional courses and 3,302 mass scholarships (Grade XI & XII), we plan to provide atleast 2500 scholarships in the next 3 years

Facilities Upgradation & Increased Enrolment : Need-based upgradation of infrastructure to increase enrolment & attendance of students in under-resourced schools

• We have provided infrastructure upgradation to 1,233 schools till date, we plan to reach out to a further 1,500 schools in the next 3 years

 551 toilets for boys and girls
 91 drinking water structures
 470 libraries
 1,233 math kits
 17 mobile science labs shared by 160 schools

• We have provided 1,930 cycles to students for easy access to schools who use to travel long distances daily