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Dear Friend,
It gives us great pleasure to send you our first Newsletter as the Swades Foundation. We have been operating for the last 15 years as S.H.A.R.E. working on providing drinking water and sanitation in Raigad District of Rural Maharashtra.
In August of last year we decided to ramp up our activity and re-christened ourselves as the Swades Foundation. The Swades Foundation operates with the single minded-focus of empowering Rural India. We aim at bringing together the best global practices, corporate thinking and accountability, the highest standards of governance and transparency to create a model of Rural Empowerment which will be an industry benchmark and can be replicated at scale.

Our mission is to transform the lives of 1 million people in 5 years by empowering our communities to lift themselves out of poverty permanently. Our Strategy is to Engage, Execute, Empower and Exit: To engage rural communities with Corporates, Young Urban India, Not for Profit Organizations and Governments to execute programs that empower our communities to transform their own lives, enabling us to exit and allowing them to serve as Role Models and Change Agents for the rest of the country. We are proud to have been working for the last 15 years with Ammada Trust, NASSCOM, Wockhardt Foundation, Concern India The Red Cross Society, Rotary Clubs, Time & Talents Club and many more. In the last 6 months we are delighted to announce our partnerships with AmeriCares, BAIF, Coca Cola Support My School Campaign, Dapoli University, Habitat for Humanity, Room to Read, Read Global, NABARD, Water Solutions, Laxmi Eye Care, Mahatme Hospitals, SightSavers, & Shreya’s Pharmaceuticals.

We also strongly believe that a single sector approach cannot achieve this mission and therefore have designed a holistic approach through our five key verticals – Livelihood & Agriculture; Education; Heath & Nutrition; Water & Sanitation and Community Mobilization. Our Strength lies in our 100 strong team of specialists and professionals both at the Corporate and Grassroot levels. (http://www.swadesfoundation.org/about-us/our-team.html)

Our Current Milestones across our Verticals :
Swades Health

The Swades Foundation has created and trained a cadre of 138 community health workers known as Swa-Rakshamitras (SRM), covering 81,000 people in 121 villages, using a curriculum certified by Yeshwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nasik. By the end of the year we will scale to 518 SRMs covering nearly 350,000 people in 307 villages. We have collaborated with District health authorities and Primary Health Centres (PHC) to address anaemia among all 6,178 children, 3-11 years old in 80 villages through iron and folic acid supplementation. Thus far, no anti-anaemia initiative by any organization has covered 100% of this select population. By the end of 2013 we will cover a total of 34,417 children and 107,365 adults of 20 plus years in 340 villages. Our Eye Care Campaigns have covered 1,400 people through eye screening, cataract surgeries, prescription glasses and counselling.
Swades Education

Focused on strengthening livelihood opportunities, the Swades team of teachers is providing computer training and English language speaking skills to over 1,700 children in 11 schools. We have also provided basic agriculture education across 8 schools.
From June 2013, Swades will rollout a comprehensive set of initiatives covering 5,000 children in all 20 private schools in Mhasala Block. These include a comprehensive leadership and training program for 20 principals and 178 Teachers; upgrading school infrastructure; and establishing libraries in each of these schools. Additionally, we will establish 105 libraries with Room To Read and community library and resource centres with Read India across all 6 Blocks. We will also institute a scholarship programme and create Parents Teachers Groups and Children’s Panchayats to promote the Right to Education for all children.
Swades Livelihood and Agriculture

Swades has provided farmers with the seeds, infrastructure, irrigation systems and tools to introduce second crops across 50 hamlets. Swades has overseen the cultivation of second crops like pulses, turmeric and watermelon over 2,500 acres of land. Over 98 health camps and 13,000 immunisations have been conducted to strengthen cattle breeding in 180 hamlets. Our team has provided technical assistance to farm families to graft 3,000 high yielding Alphanso Mango varieties. Our cashew grafting programme is currently ongoing and will cover 3,500 trees.
Over the next few months, Swades will pilot a large scale sustainable agriculture program with over 400 farmers in 143 villages across 6 blocks. This includes scale-up of second cropping, high-value horticulture, micro-irrigation technologies and agriculture waste management, protective agriculture and floriculture. Additionally, a cattle breed improvement programme covering 600 families in 42 villages. Mango and Cashew grafting for 30,000 existing plants with new Alphanso and Vengurla varieties will be conducted by Swades. Ten Swades Farmer’s clubs were linked to NABARD as part of our institutional building and linkages to Government Programmes.
Swades Water and Sanitation

Swades has constructed 534 rain water harvesting structures, 1,320 water storage structures and check dams for improving access to drinking water and to support irrigation across 391 hamlets directly impacting lives of 39,000 people. Towards our goal of open defection free villages, we have additionally built 1,421 toilets in 54 hamlets.
Swades is currently building over 36 rainwater harvesting structures and 21 storage tanks with pipelines, taps and water meters for 5,557 households in 15 villages covering a population of 14,612 to ensure our goal of providing 200 litres of water per day /HH perennially and for the first time directly into their homes through house hold taps. We are also creating and strengthening Water Development Committees to participate in the planning of water resources, to supervise the implementation and over time assume ownership including operations and maintenance. This intervention will scale-up to 30 Gram Panchayats, impacting 10,000 households in next 12 months.
Swades Community Mobilisation

Swades has established community based institutions including 276 women self-help groups (SHG) with a membership of 3,915 women across 92 hamlets and 111 Farmers Clubs with 1,539 farmers across 73 hamlets.
Swades is working to scale-up to form 2,000 SHG in 6 blocks of Raigad over the next two years. These institutions play a key role in community planning, implementation and sustainability of Swades’ development efforts in the district.
This is just a start; we have miles to go to. We thank you for joining us on this most challenging yet fulfilling of journey’s and look forward to your continued support.
Warm Regards,
Ronnie Screwvala
Founder Trustee
Zarina Mehta
Managing Trustee
Praveen Aggarwal
Chief Operating Officer
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