Dear Friend,

Two lac farmers have ended their lives since 1997. Why are Indian farmers committing suicide? How can we stop this tragedy?

From seeds of suicide to seeds of hope: We, at the Swades Foundation believe in a 360 degree approach across multiple sectors to create an ecosystem for transformational change in lives of our people in Rural India.

Through Agriculture and Livelihood, we empower every man and woman in rural households to overcome poverty through improved and innovative farming techniques, processes and practices, as well as multiple off-farm strategies to enhance livelihoods.
Our Goal is to increase annual family income from approximately Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 2lacs for 200,000 families in the next 4 years, thus empowering a million lives.
Projects Till date 2015-2016 4 year targets
SRI Rice 5,250 farms 6,000 farms 25,000 farms
Grafting mango & cashew trees 23,000 farms 50,000 farms 150,000 farms
Horticulture development (high quality plants of mango, cashew, coconut, sapota & arekanut etc.) 32,000 farms 30,000 farms 150,000 farms
We also recently started two large Community farming projects that have the potential to change the landscape of agriculture in Raigad. In these projects, we are covering 80 acres of agriculture land under irrigation with 80 farm families
Backyard desi poultry, raw cashew nuts & mushroom units setup; a total revenue of approx. 4cr created till date. 300
We have provided the entrepreneurs with interest free loans, business assistance, planning & training to setup these units.
Training workshops to enable each individual to be self-sustained and skilled 419 youth 5150 youth 30,000 youth
Rural BPO’s employing local youth facilitate the retention of young talent within the villages itself. 180 youth
(1 BPO centre)
600 youth
(2 BPO centre)
1200 youth
(4 BPO centre)
This year, we entered into an MOU with ICICI Foundation for skills training for the unemployed youth in our community. We aim to train 3000 youth over 3 years, creating an employment opportunity of Rs. 1lakh per student.
We also entered into an MOU with Women on Wings, a Not for Profit Organisation HQ in Holland, working towards the development of business models for rural entrepreneurs, creating jobs, predominantly for women.
We have signed an MOU with IL&FS for providing vocational training and employment to 10,000 youth in the next 4 years
Additionally based on the feedback received from many of you, I am delighted to announce that online donations are now possible through our website (, thus enabling our supporters, both domestic and international, to make online contributions towards any of our causes which they can relate to. We are sure this will be an enabler for many more believers to join hands with us.

We are really looking forward to the months ahead. As always, they are brimming with opportunities and challenges. We are sure to up the ante on all our projects, to create new milestones and set new benchmarks! Your support in our journey ahead will, as always, be invaluable.

Thank you and Keep Believing!

Zarina Screwvala
Founder & Managing Trustee
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