Greetings from Swades Foundation!
On behalf of our 500 strong team at the Swades Foundation, it gives us  great joy to share with you a snapshot of our past one year’s work, our first full year as the Swades Foundation (previously SHARE). It has been a year of very hard work and great learning where we created & strengthened our unique model of development. Our model was met with skepticism when we began 18 months ago, but today our donors, partners and believers can already see the amazing multiplier effect that our unique 360 degree, deep-intervention, inside-out model of development has on our communities.  Today we are well on our way to our Mission of empowering 1 million rural Indians every 5 years. We have 70 programs running at the grassroots across our 5 verticals. We believe in a collaborative model and work with 30 partners across our 5 verticals to whom we are deeply grateful.

Several of the pictures you see were taken on the 6th of March this year. It was a landmark event for all of us at Swades and our communities when Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Mrs. Jaya Bachchan visited our villages. Our gratitude to them cannot be fully expressed. What overjoyed us was their deep interest in meeting our communities, understanding  our work and experiencing our impact first hand. They told us that our greatest strength was the trust and respect our communities had for Swades and we agree wholeheartedly.   

Swades needs your time, energy, money and above all your belief that transformational change is possible.    

Please do send me your suggestions, ideas and any other feedback. We also welcome you to visit our villages with friends and family. 
With warmest regards
Zarina Screwvala
Founder & Managing Trustee
The Swades Foundation: a snapshot of the past 12 months,
April 2013 to March 2014
We increased our reach from 160 villages to 1000 Villages and this year (2014/15) will expand to 2000 Villages.

Our impact grew from 39,000 people to 275,000 people in 2013/14 and this year we will impact 470,000 people.

EDUCATION: Last year we increased our reach from 13 schools to 135 schools (both government and private) and 10,000 children. This year will reach out to 540 schools and 37,000 children. We built 135 school libraries and this year will build 179 libraries. 

WATER & SANITATION: As SHARE we provided 39,000 villagers with drinking water over the past decade by building water harvesting structures. Last year we added 6,000 people and this year we will add another 12,000. Over the past 5 years we have built 1,700 toilets, this year alone we will build another 2000 Toilets.

HEALTH & NUTRITION: We created a cadre of 385 highly trained community health workers – SwaRakshaMitras serving population of 275,000.  This year we will ramp up to 1,150 SRMs serving 470,000 people. We screened 15,000 people & provided 1800 high quality spectacles and 200 free cataract surgeries via our Mobile Medical Unit. Next year we will ramp this up to 60,000 screenings, 10,000 spectacles and 5,000 cataract surgeries through two Mobile Medical Units. Our anemia management program covered 14,000 children (3-11years) and 13,000 adults. This year we would cover 40,000 children and 1lakh adults.

COMMUNITY MOBILISATION: We opened a large community centre in Khamgaon for adult education and training. We have created /enhanced 1,795  Self Help Groups this year and will ramp up to 4,146 next year. Our expert team of social workers hold a Fixed Day Fixed time meeting in every village once a month, a total of 5,500   meetings this year, scaling up to 11,000 meetings next year.

AGRICULTURE & LIVELIHOOD: In the last one-year, we worked with 7,000 farmers. In the next one year we will work with 30,000 farmers in nearly 700 villages, training them with new farming technologies that enhance their yields at low costs and turn their small farms into lucrative businesses.  
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