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We believe that the society can only progress towards sustainable growth if we all are able to collaborate with whatever resources/strengths we have respectively.

There are already very successful models of PPP (Public Private Partnership), PPCP (Public Private Community Partnership) etc. We are looking at creating yet another level of innovative partnership, which is built on belief that everyone can contribute something and be a partner to the process of social change only if there is Desire and Conviction. Hence we invite "Partnerships" based on following models:

Knowledge Partners: Individual, Institutions, NGO, Corporate Foundations and Corporates can help us with their domain knowledge in any/all of the thematic areas listed below:

  • Water conservation, Rainwater harvesting and harnessing
  • Improving access to potable water, underground/over ground water storage
  • Sanitation - community or individual toilets
  • Agriculture - including irrigation support, second crop, soil enhancement, training the farmers, producer companies, bio mass aggregation
  • Education - from Early Learning till Vocational skill post-Secondary/Higher Secondary schooling
  • Health - from ensuring Primary health to improving access to secondary and tertiary health and helping communities minimize the incidence of diseases of epidemic proportions like Anemia, Mal nutrition etc.
  • Livelihood - Vocational training, promoting Micro Finance, creating Self Help Groups, small enterprises, create avenues of self-employment, enhance employability
Product Partners: Individual, Institutions and Corporates can help us with their products in any/all of the thematic areas listed above. For example
  • Water: Bricks, cement, HDPE pipes, HDPE non-woven fabric, GI Pipes, Hydro-geological studies, Watershed studies, GIS mapping, Taps, cut pipes, Hand pumps/ stand posts etal
  • Sanitation: Modular Toilet block, brick, cement, tiles, taps, pipelines, storage tanks; sanitary napkins etc.
  • Education: Books, Stationary, new or used Computers/ laptops , Data cards, LCDs, book shelves, Libraries, Teacher Training help, curriculum design, schools buses, furniture- benches, toys etc.
  • Health: Ambulances, medicines, Training the paramedics, Call center facilities, fortified food/ supplements etc.
  • Agriculture: Drip irrigation systems/ equipment, HDPE non-woven fabric for water storage structures, saplings, fertilizers, soil nourishing micronutrients, sprinklers, high yielding seeds etc.


Part Time Support: On daily, weekly or intermittent basis, as per time available and mutually agreed, to support in functional areas e.g. research, communication, assessments, impact study, social audit, community need assessment, data collection, report writing, documentation including video, strategy/planning etc.

Project Based Support: As per time available and mutually agreed, to support in Functional areas e.g. research, communication, impact study, social audit, community need assessment, data collection, report writing, documentation including video, strategy/planning, project implementation etc.

Skill Based Support: Online support on preparing designs for water conservation structures, getting estimates, content development for communication material, web based research, devising communication tools, enhance/create social media presence.

Raise Funds: Offline or online, through personal interactions or networking for a cause or a community or an age/gender group.

Others: These are intermittent, irregular support opportunities depending upon the time available- since every support is welcome for the causes we are working on:

Working with Self Help Groups

Teaching the Trainers

Imparting Computer education

Enhancing English language skills

Sharing life skills with children and communities

Volunteering for community mobilization events

Spreading awareness on Govt schemes and rights of people

Alternately, you can also make a donation to us. Click here to know more: