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Our Vision: Rural empowerment through the best practices, modern technology and values.

Our Philosophy: India lives in her Villages and we cannot rise to our true potential as a country without a fundamental transformation in the lives of people in rural India. At the Swades Foundation we believe that the partnership of rural India with corporates, young urban India, the Government and other foundations is the key to create a permanent and irreversible change for good.

Our Strategy: Engage, Empower, Execute & Exit - To engage rural communities with corporates, young urban India, not-for-profit organizations and Governments to execute programs that empower our communities to transform their own lives, enabling us to exit and allowing them to serve as role models and change agents for the rest of the country.

Our Mission: To create a permanent, irreversible change in the lives of 1 million people in rural India in the next 5-6 years.