Abdul Gaffar

Son of Soil


Abdul Gaffar Rahatvilkar made a conventional choice to work as an oil rig worker in Kuwait. But as he turned older. his health began to suffer and he returned to his village in Raigad. The first 4 years were tough, as Gaffar’s land was small in size and did not the reap enough to support himself and his family.


In February 2013. Gaffar decided to learn from a Swades Foundation led Farmers Exposure Visit and was introduced to a new world of innovative farming techniques. With the help of the Swades Foundation, Abdul implemented these techniques on his farmland and today is reaping a lush crop of beans in less than a year.  Abdul Gaffar, 57 years young, now mobilises fellow farmers to adopt farming techniques that provide lucrative output in smaller plot sizes.

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