An effort crowned with success

Name: Sitaram Shripat Shendal | Age: 65 | Village: Bheloshi | GP: Bheloshi | Family Background: He is living with his spouse | Qualification: III Grade | Occupation: Farming

Sitaram comes from Beloshi village in Mahad where there are no grafters hence the awareness and general practising related with grafting was not there. Calling any other grafter from outside village would mean spending a lot of money as charges which the community was not in favour of.  Our representatives on meeting him agreed to do grafting at a nominal charge of INR 10 per tree to inculcate the spirit of ownership. He then got trained in grafting and grafted 17 desi mango trees of which 14 have survived so far in several months. By Year 2022, Sitaram is expected to earn approximately INR 56,000 per annum by selling mangoes from these 14 well surving trees.

Looking at the success of grafting, Sitaram has also taken our orchard plantation programme and wishes to continue this easy way of earning long term income.

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