Swades will ensure that every household in its geography has a toilet of their own and receives 200 litres of potable water day through taps installed at homes


Health & Nutrition

Swades will create a cadre of community health workers (Swades Mitras: SMs); Our focus is on Vision-care, Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition, Cardiac-care for children and ensuring strong government linkages

  1. Community Health Workers: 1,056 highly trained SMs serving a population of ~3,71,000
  2. Vision-care: Screened 271,704 people through SMs and 141,700 by Optometrists and provided 63,393 spectacles free of cost. Supported free of cost 12,119 cataract surgeries
  3. Children with Special Needs (CWSN): Provided visual aids to 348 and operations of 139
  4. Anaemia: Screened and tested 37,413 children. 7,406 children have completed their medication, of which 5,292 children have shown positive change in anaemia level.
  5. Cardiac-care: Supported operations for 112 children.


Swades aims to holistically transform schools – improve infrastructure, provide scholarships and undertake training for principals & teachers

  1. Impacting >123,000 children in 1,275 schools, 806 Anganwadis and 39 Junior colleges
  2. Leadership training to 1,148 principals and in-service training to 3,726 teachers
  3. Infrastructure upgrades viz. toilets, drinking water facilities, libraries etc. in 1,233 schools
  4. Career counselling for better prospects to 46,112 students
  5. Scholarships: 146 Excellence scholarships for professional courses and 3,302 mass scholarships (Grade XI & XII)
  6. Children with Special Needs (CWSN): Trained 323 teachers and setup one Learning Resource Centre.

Water & Sanitation

Swades will ensure that every household in its geography has a toilet and receives 200 litres of potable water/ day through taps installed at homes.

  1. Constructed toilets in 20,509 homes; plan to build ~2,000 more toilets in this year.
  2. Built 352 drinking water schemes with taps in 29,779 homes impacting ~145,000 lives

Economic Development

Community Mobilization

Swades will empower Self Help Groups and Governance Groups located in 2000 villages or hamlets of the 360 Gram Panchayats by ensuring deep engagement with the community through monthly Community level meets in every village focusing on gender and financial literacy

  1. Opened 2 large community learning centres for adult education and training
  2. Trained 908 elected Gram Panchayat members

Agriculture & Livelihoods

Swades will uplift and enrich the lives of its farmers and entrepreneurs; targeting annual income of INR 2 lakhs per household, empowering and enabling them to live with dignity.

  1. Capacity Building: Exposure trips, visits and trainings for ~24,298 farmers; teaching new farming technologies to enhance yield at low costs
  2. Advanced Paddy Cultivation: 12,050 farmers trained on the technique, for better and progressive increase in yield & income
  3. WFI: Transformed 1,572 acres through drip and flood
  4. Poultry (egg & meat): ~4,199 households supplemented with 4,798 units and 38 brooding units
  5. Dairy: ~4,378 entrepreneurs created with 5,174 milch cattle
  6. Goat Rearing: 793 households engaged with 3,276 animals
  7. Skilling: Trained 2,109 youth and placed 1,690 in formal employment.
  8. Direct Placement: Facilitated interviews of 428 youths and placed 179.
  9. Grafted >105,732 trees and distributed ~693,023 new plants for horticulture

Update as of 29th Sept 18