Kishor Ganpat More: Cataract Surgery

Name: Kishor Ganpat More| Hamlet: Dahiwad| GP: Dahiwad| Occupation: Farmer| Cataract Surgery

56-year-old Kishore Ganpat More suffered from cataract for many years. His condition was so bad that he couldn’t even see the plate in which food is served and had to constantly rely on his family members to feed him. Sometimes stray cats would come and take a bite of his plate and he wouldn’t understand. Though a farmer in past, he had to withdraw from farming due to this condition and then supporting his family of three children and wife was getting really difficult. He withdrew from stepping out of the home and remained under constant stress.

After our team identified his severity, they accompanied him for cataract surgery and bore complete cost for his surgery, travel and food. Just a few moments post-surgery when the eye dressing was removed, Ganpat was awestruck as he could see everything very clearly.

Today Kishor doesn’t have to depend upon anyone for his own work and this intervention has revived his life.

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