Leela Tambitkar: A revitalised villager

Leela is one of the many happy villagers from a small hamlet Padwan in Tala block. This hamlet faced a huge water scarcity until the end of the year 2017. The biggest source of water for them until the recent past was the springs in the hills which was pulled through gravitational force in a water tank. But this water would dry up completely between February and June each year leading to rationing from a nearby well. After our intervention and community support, we were able to resize the well and increase its capacity to store sufficient quantities of water for all 12 months. Furthermore, we got water through taps into each household through a well laid-out distribution grid of pipes. The community has experienced a sense of big relief due to this development and for senior citizens like Leela Tambitkar, this was the best thing she could hope for.

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