Majid Usman Bhandarkar

Majid had 2 local cattle and used to earn his livelihood by selling milk door-to-door. Due to the local variety of cattle, the yield and selling price both were low, and he could barely earn enough to sustain himself and his family. In 2017, he got introduced to our dairy programme and also learnt about loans for procuring cattle through Nabfins.

Majid along with 4 other dairy farmers formed a jont liability group (JLG) as a mandate for getting loan and all members procured 2 high breed cattle each within a span of one year. He now gets an average yield of 14 litres every day and fetches INR 50 per litres through door-to-door sales.

After deducting cost for feed and shed management along with paying EMI for cattle, he is able to earn net INR 15,000 every month.

Majid Bhandarkar at his cattle shed and the 2 high breed buffaloes procured through our credit linkage along with partners.

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