Manav Sawant: Squint Eye Surgery

Beneficiary: Manav Sawant | Age: 8 years | Hamlet: Jor | GP: Gangauli | Programme: Low Vision (CWSN)

Manav Sawant was born with strabismus (squint) in one eye. This led to a lot of inconvenience in his day-to-day activities. His parents lived a hand to mouth existence without a home or any land to their name, working as labours on leased land. Even to provide for their son’s’ education seemed like a mammoth struggle to them. Innocent Manav suffered in silence as his squint started giving him vision problems as time passed on. On the 4th of October 2018, our team identified Manav’s vision problem as guided him to our partner hospital for surgery. Not only did we support his surgery but also bore cost for his travel, food and stay at the hospital. Within a day his surgery was successfully completed and we got him back to his village.

Upon his return, he and his family said something that makes us really humbled working at Swades. To quote them, “We could have never imagined Manav’s eye problem getting better. Knowing we can’t afford to pay for any surgery – Swades took complete responsibility to help our child get better. What you have done is something we will never forget in our life and will forever be grateful for this kind gesture.”

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