Swati Sahdev Jadhav: Swades Mitra

Swades Mitra: Swati Sahdev Jadhav | Beneficiary: Arnav Balchandra Gotekar |Hamlet: Shenati | GP: Vanaste

During Ganesh festival last year, 4-year-old Arnav Gotekar tripped and fell on the porch outside his house and hurt his head badly as it started bleeding. His parents panicked mainly because it was late at night and there were barely any means of transport available at that hour from their remote hamlet to the nearby hospital or clinic. This news reached our Swades Mitra Swati Jadhav who worked in the same hamlet and she immediately came for Arnav’s rescue. After assessing the injury, she meticulously trimmed his hair to clean the injury properly. Using the medicines available in the kit provided to them by us, she applied medicine and covered the wound with cotton and gauze to provided cushioning and faster healing.

In just a few days, Arnav’s injury healed and he returned back to normal. Though a small incidence but shows the deep connect, dependency and impact our Swades Mitras have on their community. Had it not been for her timely help, things couldn’t have gone worse leading to more suffering for Arnav and his entire family. Our respect for Swades Mitras like Swati only deepens through such cases.

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