Neha Ramdas Nakti – a young survivor

When kids are growing, they want to be socially acceptable and so they do all they can to build their personality. It gives them tremendous self-confidence to come out as a strong individual. But what if, despite all your efforts, you can’t cope up with the daily challenges. What if, a little running around makes you feel exhausted? What if, you remain short and stunted when all the others around you grow naturally and fine?
These are some of the questions that Neha Ramdas Nakti would ask herself regularly. And much to her dismay, she could never really figure an answer to it. Suffering from an extreme case of anaemia, her HB level was just 4 gm/dl as against normal average of 12 gm/dl. Our team of mentors or health facilitators while conducting a pricking session at her school, G.M.Vedak in Tala block were astonished to see this acute HB deficiency in her blood report.
As per protocol, our next step was to meet her parents and convince them to give her urgent medical attention. But it wasn’t as easy as we’d expected. Her brother’s untimely death around the same time shifted the focus away from her health. Initially we called her parents to meet in school in the presence of teacher, principal and our mentors. But the former were clearly uncomfortable in taking any step towards her treatment. Just the same day, our mentors and managers met the Village Pramukh and together we visited the local Swades Mitra Varsha Nakti, where Neha’s parents were called once again. This time after rigorous persuasion we felt we had succeeded in convincing them, but NO. Helpless as we were, we had decided to come back again the next day to continue with our persuasion.
But, on the same night, the tide had turned, and we got a call from Neha’s parents agreeing to escort Neha to the hospital for treatment. The very next day around 8 am, we had the Alibaug District Hospital special ambulance 108 escorting Neha and her parents to the hospital. Three days of being on saline and after two successful blood transfusions, Neha was out of danger and discharged from the hospital.
With 8.5 gm/dl HB, Neha felt more energetic that day than she had been in a very long time. Our team ensured she took her medicines regularly and maintained good nutritional level. Her parents finally understood the gravity of the situation and supported her strongly. After 30 days, her HB level stood at 10.3 gm/dl.
A definite achievement in not just saving a life but bringing about change of mindset among people in our geography. Today, Neha Ramdas Nakti is as confident as anyone her age could be and looks forward to a bright future ahead.
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