Prakash Gopal Raikar: Pabhare Gram Panchayat

Group Dairy Project by Male SHG | Hamlet: Vitthalwadi | GP: Pabhare | Block: Mhasla

A 10 member group led by Prakash Gopal Raikar was formed 4 years ago to promote mutual economic interest through livelihood in Vitthalwadi hamlet, Pabhare Gram panchayat of Mhasla block in Raigad district, Maharashtra. However, they couldn’t really start anything of their own owing to lack of motivation and continued to rely on farming and labour work to earn a small living.

Swades was actively working on holistic development in Pabhare Gram panchayat and on one occasion, this group decided to meet up with our team. They expressed their long-standing desire to start some livelihood activity and engage all 10 members to gain income. Our team organised an exposure visit for them in another Gram panchayat Mandatne at our Swades hero Chandrakant Pawar’s dairy project. The group was thrilled to witness the transformation that Chandrakant could bring to his life in just a few years of doing farming and dairy. This made them sure of getting into dairy.

To aid them in starting with dairy, we helped them with a loan of INR 500,000 in partnership with our supporter HDFC Bank and also guided them for procuring 10 high yielding buffaloes from Mehsana, Gujarat. With best practises in place and adequate training given to the farmers by our team, they began their dairy project in March 2017.

On an average they would yield 65 litres of milk each day from 10 buffaloes through a small farm they built. Our veterinary doctor would do a weekly visit to this farm for check-ups and guidance.

With a local market prize of INR 50 per litre, they would earn an average income of INR 3,250 per day which sums up to an average monthly income of INR 97,500 from the sale of milk. After deducting an average monthly expenditure of INR 42,000 on fodder and health management of cattle, their net profit would be INR 55,500 from 10 buffaloes.

Instead of repayment of loan, we have asked them to procure a cattle once every few months to increase yield and in August 2018, they managed to get 4 more buffaloes through their own savings. Further, they plan to also aggregate milk from individual dairy farmers for retail selling through a milk collection center.

The group of 10 members who were only marginal farmers once, are today proud dairy entrepreneurs in their own right – true ‘Swa’ se bane ‘Des’ example. 

Farmers enrolled in the group

  • Prakash Gopal Raikar
  • Vishwanath Tukaram Kadam
  • Javanat Shantaram Aware
  • Dilip Dhondu Kobnak
  • Sandip Daji Kobnak
  • Rajendra Vithoba Ghumkar
  • Kishor Kashinath Ghumkar
  • Sharad Gajanan Kobnak
  • Gaouri Shivram Kap
  • Kavita Dhondu Raikar
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