Vanita Lonshikar – Girl who made it


Vanita Lonshikar from Tala block in Raigad district lost her father at a young age and her mother being a single parent couldn’t afford to pay for Vanita’s education beyond Grade X.


At one point she was asked to join her younger brother in Mumbai to find some work and just when things seemed bleak, our field support came to her rescue. Seeing the tremendous potential in Vanita and her overt willingness to study further, we reached out to her mother multiple times to counsel on Vanita’s higher education. Hesitant at first owing to the expenses involved, she was finally convinced when we agreed to pay 80% of her college and travelling fees through our mass scholarship programme. Today, Vanita is in Grade XII after successfully completing Grade XI and is more confident of herself than ever. Sometimes, sheer ambition is all we need to succeed, the rest just follows and who else to prove it better than Vanita.

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