Vishaka Sawant

Health & Nutrition


A compassionate leader, Vishaka has been associated with the Swades Foundation for the past 10 years. Today as a Swades SwaRakshaMitra, Vishaka has not only shown an active interest in receiving the training but also involved members of her village community to participate in the same. She takes the lead and conducts meetings with her fellow villagers at her home, making her one of the most respected and loved members of the community.


Vishaka displayed tremendous tenacity and put her SwaRakshaMitra training to practical use by saving the life of a young boy which was bitten by a poisonous snake, despite the family insisting on using only traditional/non-medical treatment. Vishaka’s perseverance eventually led the family to take the boy to a local hospital where his life was saved in the nick of time.


Vishaka not only saved a life but instilled belief in formal medical aid amongst staunch- believers. Vishaka is a true personification of the spirit of the Swades Foundation.

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