A young activist and schoolgirl - Malala Yousafzai through her story has taught the world an exceptional lesson - "One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world."

While we make every effort to ensure that over 130,000 children from our rural communities complete their education at least up to the 10th standard, our dream is to empower and enable them to study further, fly higher and make their dreams a reality.

In October 2014, we awarded 53 scholarships to our students to pursue their degree courses so as to give this country top class engineers, chartered accountants, company secretaries, doctors and many more qualified professionals. We were deeply moved and delighted when our Swades scholar, Shalaka Shet, a courier delivery professional's daughter, recently secured 20th rank in All India Company Secretary entrance exams in her very first attempt.
Inspired by such success stories, this year we awarded 50 more scholarships to students to pursue their graduate studies.
We also realized that 100's of students stopped studying after the 10th due to financial reasons, so we decided to award 1200 scholarships to students to continue their studies in 11th and 12th standard across commerce, arts, science and diploma courses. All of this year's scholarships are in partnership with The Tata Trusts and we are extremely thankful to them for believing in our vision. All the above scholarships not only include tuition fees but also transportation, lodging, books and food expenses.
Swades Foundation ensures a deep sense of commitment and ownership by the community in all our initiatives. Even here, we encouraged the students to contribute a minimum of 25% towards this investment into their own future. Exceptions are of course made for extremely poor children.

We gave 1930 bicycles to school students from 8th ,9th and 10th standards who had to travel for more than 5kms to reach their schools every day. In keeping with our strong belief of community ownership, a token community contribution was taken from them.

In our efforts to empower rural India, particularly the rural youth, this was just another attempt to empower these bright minds, freeing them to grow and shine as bright as they can! A true celebration of Independence day!