Swades Stories

Creating joyful, empowering education which enhances livelihood options, creating socially and environmentally conscious citizens who are catalysts for change.
Water & Sanitation

Leela Tambitkar: A revitalised villager

Leela is one of the many happy villagers from a small hamlet Padwan in Tala block. This hamlet faced a huge water scarcity until the end of the year 2017. The biggest source of water for them until the recent past was the springs in the hills which was pulled through gravitational force in a water tank.

Economic Development

Damu Jadhav – an ideal changemaker

Damu Jadhav, aged 38, was a farm labourer until 2016. Coming from a village called Sanderi Adivasiwadi in the Mhasla block of Raigad district, he would spend his day like other fellow villagers logging trees and harvesting crops on others’ land. The meagre wages he earned through this routine work was not enough.

Health & Nutrition

Neha Ramdas Nakti – a young survivor

When kids are growing, they want to be socially acceptable and so they do all they can to build their personality. It gives them tremendous self-confidence to come out as a strong. But what if, despite all your efforts, you can’t cope up with the daily challenges. What if, a little running around makes you feel exhausted?

Economic Development

Two girls become inspirations to many

Manali and Avinita come from extremely poor families. Their parents are illiterate and did odd labour jobs to earn a meagre income. Despite all odds, both the girls managed to clear their XIIth grade. After their graduation, they enrolled in our training course in Food & Beverage and successfully completed it.

Health & Nutrition

Rudra Bhanat – when the impossible happened

Physically handicapped Rudra was 9-months-old when his parents first identified his squint. His father, a worker at the petrol pump, once brought him to Mumbai for treatment but the high cost for operation made him change his mind. There was no squint and Rudra could see better than before.

Water & Sanitation

Harishchandra Jadhav – Life essentials!

Harishchandra Jadhav is a strong example of a hopeful man who desired the well-being of his family and fellow villagers for years, but his hope was really met after our intervention. He earns his livelihood by doing labour work usually on the leased farm and makes roughly Rs. 250 per day. His irregular nature.

Health & Nutrition

Lavanya – Master of Circumstance

4-year-old Lavanya Sutar from a small village Sutarali in Tala block was suffering from a congenital cardiac disorder. Her Father barely earned Rs.10,000 a month and couldn’t afford any treatment. Lavanya suffered in silence as she didn’t gain any weight and had constant bouts of fever and other ailments.


Vanita Lonshikar – Girl who made it

Vanita Lonshikar from Tala block in Raigad district lost her father at a young age and her mother being a single parent couldn't afford to pay for Vanita's education beyond Grade X. Today, Vanita is in Grade XII after successfully completing Grade XI and is more confident of herself than ever.