Bhushan Ramchandra Sonawane: Flood Irrigation

Beneficiary: Bhushan Ramchandra Sonawane | Hamlet: Gangawali Baudhwadi | GP: Gangawali | Block: Mangaon | Water for Irrigation – Flood (Community Farming)

Bhushan lived with his family in Gangawali Baudhwadi, a small hamlet in Mangaon block of Raigad district. He had one acre land which he used for cultivating paddy during kharif season and due to scarcity of water throughout the year in his hamlet, he cultivated watermelons on half acre leased land in another hamlet to get a continued source of income to provide for his entire family.

Earlier in 2017 after completion of check dam in neighbouring Panose by Swades and partner HDFC Bank, many farmers started getting good supply of water for irrigation beyond Kharif season.  Around this time, our team engaged with him under the sustainable livelihood programme and explained the scope of increasing output through irrigation. Naturally, Bhushan and another farmer who collectively had about 2.5 acre of land in Gangawali came together to do community farming now that they were sure to receive water. Over the course of next few months, Bhushan alone earned close to INR 52,000 acres through selling the harvest of that 1 acre irrigated land.  

He is now motivated to cultivate more vegetables besides watermelon in the next season and maximise his earnings through his own land and has discontinued working on leased land for a small income. Bhushan Sonawane is now an empowered and self-reliant farmer.

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