Manda Kesarkar & Mangal Kesarkar

Community Mobilisation


Mande D. Kesarkar & Mengel G. Kesarkar Sustainable Development is a key goal at the Swades Foundation. Meet Manda 8, Mengel, two women who with step-by-step guidance from our team were able to transform their lives and today are role-models for their village.


Residing in Devala (Poladpur Block, Raigad), Manda & Mangal’s achievements are exemplary. They were instrumental in introducing second-cropping for the first time in their villages and became an inspiration for 50 other farmers to follow suit.


They then took upon themselves the challenge of an enhanced livelihood for their fellow-villagers. The villagers in this part of Poladpur had to travel more than 12 km to access a flour Manda & Mengel identified an idle flour machine of a person who had migrated to Mumbai. They took the bold decision of renting it out and today their fellow villagers and the adjoining villages are drawing its benefits. The Swades Foundation guided them to utilize existing Govt. Schemes and this led to the development of a poultry farm in the village. Today with a 100% subsidy, the village boasts of over 400 birds in this farm… A Swades Dream fulfilled.

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